What is SEO?  Why do I have to pay for it?

Are you just taking my money?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and while nothing is guaranteed, with the right strategy you'll generate clicks organically without having to pay Google to be first on a SERP (search engine results page).  Please note: Google has come out and said that no one can guarantee the first page results, no matter the person or organization.  This is done by monitoring your ranking on at least a weekly basis to keep you current and ranking above anyone else fighting for your clients.  A great example of the original SEO was when people named a pizza place "A-1 Pizza."  This was a trick before the Internet to get the phone book companies to list them first because they used alphabetical order... we've come a long way since then and it's based on an ever-changing algorithm set by Google.

This is not rocket-science, it just takes time to do and continuing education on the changes Google makes is a huge part of that, sometimes web companies make it seem more extravagant than it needs to be.

With the Pacos Tacos ri search there is no question to Google who the searcher would like to find and that dominates the first page including the Google Local Box. 


Here is a sample of fantastic branded-SEO:

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