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Using Billboards & OOH for Recruiting

  • We currently have the most employed workforce since 2000
  • Talented employees are already employed.
  • No media reaches more people for fewer dollars than Outdoor Advertising.
  • Talented employees won’t want to work for a company they don’t know

If you’re a hiring manager, in charge of recruiting and/or a business-owner you are most-likely looking to fill open reqs. I took a dive into digital marketing over the last year but OOH (Out Of Home) has pulled me back. Now I want to talk about why you should come back or continue expanding your campaigns as well. After working with advertisers over the last 4+ years, in media in various forms since 2011 and formally studying marketing I learned what actually matters.  The tried and true advertising method that’s been around for centuries is working in 2018 and the forecast is bright¹. This is important for recruiting because you want your company name #1 on their list of target jobs.  The chances of being high on that job list are slim to none if you’re not a recognizable name.  You need to be known. Plain and simple.

Generating Applicants with LinkedIn & Facebook Marketing

  • Advertisers can target your posts to reach only those who you would like to consider your job.
  • A Business appears to be a savvy company that uses non-traditional marketing to reach out to the marketplace.
  • Marketers don’t appear desperate with a simple ad on social media & you can screen candidates.

Using the measurement tools on social media are useful, easy to report on and if you’re into analytics, they’re fun to use. With that in mind you will be paying a premium for this type of targeting.  Typically digital campaigns are over $20 CPM² so this method will can get costly and time consuming. For reference, per day, a Facebook user averages 42 minutes scrolling through their feed and a LinkedIn user 10 minutes.  On the other hand the average person spends 69% of their waking hours outside of their homes.

What’s more is that they are also very predictable, an employee that can help your company get to the next level takes the same route to work, takes the same train into the city and more often than not will take the same path to go for lunch. Advertising companies know where they live, work and the messages that have historically worked based on similar previously run campaigns.

Billboards & Transit Media Create Buzz

Let’s talk a little about repetitive messaging and excitement to consider a new place of work and a new challenge. I like to use the marketing rule of three.  Get to your target 3 times and they’ll know your name, message, and how you can help each other. Getting there 3 times over a 4-week OOH campaign is pretty easy to do if I tell you where your target demographic lives and works. Wouldn’t you agree? So you can do that with a Facebook post as well and only to the people that you want but is that a) as impactful as an eye-catching 48 foot digital billboard or b) as exciting to talk about?

Lastly, the willingness-factor. You may not be looking for a construction engineer to apply for a C-Level executive job and therefore exclude her in your Facebook targeting. But, that Engineer knows a friend from college that has been talking about wanting to look for a new role. Wouldn’t she mention to her discontent friend that she heard about your company hiring? Of course she would.  Now it’s become a talking point among friends or family and he will not only apply, but be excited. Why do people desperately want to work for Google? — because they are a well-known brand.  Being known among people who seemingly serve your business no purpose will actually help drives your own goals.

So, now what? Well do both.  Get that engineer to refer her executive friend to “that cool company” she saw advertising on the highway. If that’s not enough, hit them with a targeted LinkedIn ad, hit them with a digital screen in the subway and digitally geo-fence the most-likely path he takes to work so he’s exposed to the ad in the subway, hears about your company through his engineer friend and then is served an ad on his phone through geo-fencing and/or social media. If he’s at all interested, you’ve got his attention.

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Author’s Note:

I have spent the last year in online marketing & advertising.  Specifically the legal sector which gave me a ton of valuable information to work with and learning experiences to share with my currently clients. However, OOH & DOOH (no not like Homer Simpson but as in Digital Out Of Home advertising), transit display media, street-level digital screens, airports, subways, etc. has pulled me back. Internet Marketing was like a shiny object for me and seemed like the best and logical next step.  However I was wrong, I won’t belabor about why it isn’t the right fit for me but overall there is nothing like getting an advertiser up on a billboard.  You can immediately see their reaction and proving that true value comes from exposure and attention.

Clicks are great and very much needed, however a potential customer will not click on an ad for a company they don’t know, using OOH on a consistent basis makes people feel as if they already know you or “have heard of that company before.” I’ve used this example before and it helps others understand my point so I’ll reiterate, Gillette Stadium doesn’t spend millions of dollars per year renaming a football stadium to sell more razors (at least not directly). Gillette renames that stadium to gain trust and attention in the market, it’s quite literally worth tens of millions of dollars over the course of the agreement with the Kraft Sports Group.

So you don’t have to use OOH in such a massive scale like Gillette to garner the same results, they’re a global company and you’re probably regional so just do something like that on a smaller scale and you’ll get the results you want. OOH gains trust in the marketplace and gains you sales, Grant Cardone has been known for saying, “people don’t buy from people they like, they buy from people they know.”



²CPM = Cost Per Thousand

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